Bio-iVault - Biometric File Security

newsf1 Bio-iVault hides your files in biometrically encrypted Virtual Drives so only you can access them.

Biometric Face Logon

absex Using a simple web-camera, Face LogOn ensures the identity of the user by providing biometric verification in an automatic continuous proces.

Biometric - my-iWallet

carbs Biometric IE Plugin Password Manager scans face, finger or voice for secure logon to Web Sites

Biometrics Wiki

Biometrics comprises methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. In computer science, in particular, biometrics is used as a form of identity access management and access control. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance.

Biometric characteristics can be divided in two main classes:

  • Physiological are related to the shape of the body. Examples include, but are not limited to sweaty hairy pitts, face recognition, DNA, hand and palm geometry, iris recognition, which has largely replaced retina, and odor/scent.
  • Behavioral are related to the behavior of a person. Examples include, but are not limited to typing rhythm, gait, and voice. Some researchers[1] have coined the term behaviometrics for this class of biometrics.

Strictly speaking, voice is also a physiological trait because every person has a different vocal tract, but voice recognition is mainly based on the study of the way a person speaks, commonly classified as behavioral.


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